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Question: what plants on the terrace

Hi! I congratulate you on your site !! but I have not found a column concerning the terrace. For this I expose my atrocious dilemma, recently my father made a large canopy on the huge terrace of 10x12 meters. I would like to know which plants, preferably in bloom, I can plant in the wooden boxes that I am building, I would not like a jungle but only that they shelter me from the cold air that comes from the north-west and that in summer stop the scorching sun from the south. there are few perennials that resist in this position because there is also a good wind having no houses or trees nearby. sorry for the length of the text ...

Answer: what plants on the terrace

Good morning Gloria and thank you for writing in the expert column of our website. Reading your question I have some doubts because I did not fully understand the context, the exposure and above all the geographical area in which your terrace is located. However, I seem to have understood that the canopy you have installed covers the terrace from direct sun while leaving the sides of the terrace open to the currents. If you find yourself in an area with not excessively cold winters and hot summers, I would strongly recommend that you put oleanders to protect the terrace from the currents. However, the cold north-westerly air you mention in your question may indicate that your home is located in some region of the north with a harsh continental climate and therefore oleander may not be the most suitable species in this case.

Instead of the oleander you could put photinia hedges, an incredibly resistant plant and excellent as an ornamental thanks to the frequent color variations of its foliage that turns red or green depending on the time of year. Other plants that could excellently perform this shielding effect could be pittosphorus or viburnum, evergreen plants widely used to create hedges which, however, we do not recommend compared to the previous ones as the former suffers from too low temperatures (the pittosphorus prefers Mediterranean climates) while the second is very sensitive to fungal attacks and other diseases.

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